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Tea is about so much more than leaves unfolding in hot water. Of course, tea is about people and nature. But it is also about intransigence, respect, hard work and an incredible logistics.

The journey of tea from the tree to your cup is an extraordinary one. After all, it is in turn grown, processed, graded, packaged, insured, transported, steeped and discarded! In fact, this journey brings together almost all the activities in our human society. Its layers of complexity, and its contradictions too, all summarized in a cup of tea… Are we pushing this too far? We think not! No thing, and no one, exists in isolation.

We are fascinated by all the facets of the tea industry, and here we want to share our passion with you: read on, explore, and make your own opinion.

Pick a theme below:

Darvaza Teas | Tea pot and cup on a low table

  चाय/Chai: All About Tea

It’s never been a better time to discover tea in all its variety of tastes and colours! Discover your teas and where they come from. Create your very own tea ritual, one cup at a time... Explore



Darvaza Teas | Wooden Sculpture of a hand of Buddha


 वादा, Our Principles in Action

We promised transparency: we lay bare what it takes to make tea and bring it to you, and how we relentlessly aim to do better, always. Explore


Darvaza Teas | Indian street view and rickshaw

देशाटन, A Little Tour of India

 Come and travel with us... We're taking you to India, a land of contrasts that has never ceased to fascinate Europeans. Discover the country beyond the clichés ! Explore



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