Five Not-So-Guilty Pleasures to Add to Your Tea

Adding something to your tea. Some of us love it. Some of us find it heretical. Most of us just don’t want to argue over it and be left in peace. So, what could you add to your tea if you really want to? As usual with us, “experiment” is the key word..!

Milk. A classic in Great Britain. Quite useful to “soften” a strong black tea, milk has become a tradition and an integral part of the British tea ritual. Lactose-intolerant drinkers and vegans can replace milk by oat, soy or almond milk, depending on the texture and taste that they prefer.

Sugar. What can we say, some of us have a sweet tooth! Certain strong black teas or flavoured teas lend themselves well to the addition of a natural or artificial sweetener. And again, the taste can be slightly modified depending on whether you pick sugar (white or brown), honey, agave syrup, stevia, sweetener…

Darvaza Teas | Cup of chai with aniseed and cinnamon

Lemon. In the form of a slice of a drop of juice, lemon can replace your sugar without the calories (its calorie content is very low) and lightens your tea. What is really fascinating about lemon is how the chemistry works: lemon actually helps your body better retaining many of the benefits of tea. This is a perfect example of a healthy habit that became an established tradition.

Spices. Why not? Many flavoured or herbal teas already contain herbs and spices… Just think, for example, of the Indian masala chai! So have a go yourself and try to add a little cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, turmeric or even a little chili! Ground spices will flavour your tea much more than whole grains/pods… but remember not to overdo it in case you already have a lot of spicy food in your diet. [link H&S spices in diet]

Biscuits. Go ahead. Dunk them. We don’t judge.


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