Four Ideas For Your Tea… After Your Tea

If you think that your tea is done for after you’ve steeped and drunk it… think again. Used tea leaves can find many uses around your house and garden. Here are a few ideas.

Steep it again

Loose tea is much different from standard bagged tea in that respect. Tea leaves can be infused several times, between 2 and 5 depending on the type of tea! Also, we usually tend to put a little too much tea in the strainer anyway (about one teaspoon of dry leaves is enough, but… guilty as charged).

The strength and taste of the tea will subtly evolve cup after cup. Some of our teas, like our oolong or white peony, actually benefit from being steeped several times.

Get rid of bad smells

Even used, tea leaves remain an excellent absorber of smells and moisture. Put your used tea leaves in a little bowl in your fridge to ensure that it remains nice and fresh-smelling. Or dry them, put in a little paper of muslin bag and… in your shoes.

Darvaza Teas | Pots of green plants and black soil

In your garden

Most of us compost our tea leaves, but you can also add them directly to the base of your plants, in pots in your garden. Tea contain all the nutrients that a plant needs and is effectively, a natural fertilizer. As an added benefit, it also deters certain bugs.

Clean floors

Interestingly, for hard floors (including wooden floors), it’s the leftover brewed tea that you will use, or a quantity of boiled water with “old” tea. Pour in your cleaning bucket, and use it to mop your hard floor to get a nice shine. You can also sprinkle the humid tea leaves on carpets and vacuum clean them when dry.

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