Four Wrong Assumptions About Loose Tea

If you have been drinking tea from tea bags all your life, you are perfectly right to raise an eyebrow and ask “What’s the point of switching to loose tea?”.

We hear you. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve discussed The Switch with countless tea drinkers. These conversations always boil down to the same four assumptions, so let’s hear them:

It’s complicated

(variant: I don’t have the fancy accessories).

Why would it be? Why would you need anything fancy? You already have what you need: a kettle, water and your favourite mug. The only change is the way the tea is packaged, not how how you prepare and drink it. You can use a strainer like the one we offer in our shop, or you can put your loose tea directly in your tea pot or mug. And you’re done!

It’s slow.

Well, let’s compare how a tea goes, step by step:

Darvaza Teas | Comparison between bagged and loose tea

The packaging does not influence the time it takes to make a tea. The quality of the tea, however, does: Most supermarket tea bags are made of CTC tea or tea dust, and it is true that these brew much faster than loose leaf tea. Apart from that, it’s all the same, really.

After your tea, the tea bag goes in the bin. The loose tea can go in the bin too, and the strainer will be washed at the same time as your cup (or straight in the dishwasher).

Darvaza Teas | Loose tea flowing form the teapot

It’s expensive.

No. Not at all.

In fact, loose tea is cheaper than bagged tea, and by far. Why? Simply because of the additional handling and processing that the tea undergoes. Making a tea bag takes a special machine to pour the same weight of tea in each bag, seal it and sometimes add a tag. These machines can belong to the tea brands or to a subcontractor: the added costs will include the transportation (in case the tea goes to a subcontractor), the manpower,  the power to run the machine itself, and of course the materials for the tea bags and tags themselves.

By how much would the price increase? We haven’t made that calculation for our teas, because we aim to use as little energy as possible. However, we looked at the pricing of loose and bagged teas from several well-established brands and we calculated the cost difference. For an equal weight, loose tea is about 30% to 68% less expensive than bagged tea! (The exact ratio depends on the brand and on the type of tea)

In other words, packets of bagged teas contain less tea and cost about twice more than a pouch of loose tea.

It’s for connoisseurs.

Ah. So this is what it’s really about, isn’t it?

Again, the main (and sometimes the only) difference between the two is the packaging. Nothing else. You can start by switching to the loose version of your favourite tea ype, blend, or flavour.

Once you start drinking loose tea, we will notice how vast a choice there is out there. So much wider than for bagged tea! And we’re ready to bet that you’ll start exploring.

Because in fact, this is what it’s about: not becoming a tea connoisseur, but a tea explorer!


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