On Finding the Right Packaging

Darvaza Teas | Packaging items, box and tape

“How hard can it be to find something to put some tea in and send it in the post?”

We hear you. But it happened to all of us, didn’t it? How many times did we receive an order with way too much packaging, and often a lot of plastic wrapper, too? How many times did most of the weight of our package end up in the bin? And how many times did we pull our hair, trying to figure out if our local authority recycles that sort of plastic?

So in fact, since we don’t want to compromise, yes: it can be hard to find the right packaging.

“Ok. But surely you didn’t reinvent the wheel. All the other tea brands did the hard work, didn’t they?”

That’s right, we didn’t reinvent the wheel. But we also found out that most standard solutions aren’t as good as they seem. As they say, the devil is in the details… so we chased him there.

We need packaging, unfortunately there’s no way around it. But by following the 3R mantra, we can minimize our collective impact:

  • Reduce: We use as little material as possible. Just enough to ensure your tea arrives safely. And obviously, no plastic whatsoever!
  • Re-use: The huge majority of our packaging components come from recycled material, and some are even pretty or convenient enough to be used again!
  • Recycle: Everything you receive from can go in the recycling bins. Everything. No head to scratch, no hair to pull.

“I can see that for the metal tins and aluminium wrapper… but what about your refills?”

Our refills follow the same principle as everything else: the tea is bagged in a little transparent, home-compostable bag that looks like plastic but isn’t. All our boxes and paper-based items are made from 100% recycled paper pulp. Even our stickers and tape have water-based glue and can be recycled together with the paper!

“Ok then. Thank you for the explanation.”

Darvaza Teas | Colourful bins for sorting street refuse

You are most welcome. The world of packaging goods is evolving quickly, even more so today that the demand for responsible packaging is higher than ever. We keep looking for better ways to do what we do: if you know something that would allow us to improve, please do tell us!


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