Ten Tips to Enjoy Your First Tea

If tea, loose or not, is a new thing for you, have no fear: We are here to make it enjoyable. Take your pick among our ideas below and develop a new relaxing and healthy habit.

    Tea cup. Use your favourite mug. Or coffee cup. Or bowl. Give yourself the comfort to hold an object dear to you.

    The leaves. For our black and herbal teas, pour a spoonful of tea leaves in your strainer. Our oolong and white peony have larger leaves, so take a good pinch between your thumb, index and middle fingers and voilà.

    The water. Boil only the amount of water that you will need. Most kettles are very energy efficient and designed to boil to heat a single-cup quantity of water. Plus, your tea will be ready sooner…

    The temperature. You can stop your kettle as it’s just boiling. With our teas (as is the case with most good-quality loose leaf teas) the water does not have to be at 100°C. Check the instructions on each product page for more information. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the colour of the leaves, the lower the temperature: from around 60°C for white tea to approximately 90°C for black tea. Only herbal teas happily brew at 100°C.

    Darvaza Teas |Tea pot and cups on a table

    How much? How long? How hot? How many times? In here and in our product pages, you will read many suggestions, but that is exactly what they are: ideas! Our favourite word: Experiment. Try, play, taste, adjust… and make each tea truly yours, as you like it.

    The add-ons. Tempted to add something in your tea? Sure, not a problem! Have a first taste as it is and then… experiment! We even wrote a list of all the indulgent little things that you try.

    The forbidden sugar. Do you have a sweet tooth but are supposed to stay away from any form of added sugar? Try a flavoured tea like our Himalayan Rose Black Tea, a floral blend that tastes sweet but has absolutely no sugar. Many herbal teas have this sweet-tooth-happy effect too. Do note that our Shatavari Rasayana herbal contains shakkar, which is an ayurvedic sugar recipe.

    The ritual. Many well-intentioned souls will be tempted to explain to you how you should proceed in order to make (and drink) the perfect tea. We call that “to teaxplain”. Don’t let them put you off your new habit: the only right way to drink tea is your way. Period. Not even to mention that tea is enjoyed in a huge variety of ways across the world anyway!

    Too hot for tea? Make iced tea instead, that could not be easier. Put approximately three tea spoons of your favourite tea in a 1L bottle, fill with water, and leave in the fridge overnight. Keep in the fridge when not drinking, for a maximum of three days.

    And after? Most of our teas can be steeped (=brewed) two to three times. After that, you can put them in your compost bin or in your food waste bin if you have one. Check here for a few more exotic ideas… As for the strainer, simple: put in your dishwasher or gently wash by hand! Same if you want to switch tea, so as to avoid getting the flavours mixed.


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