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Hand-Rolled Himalayan Oolong Tea

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Half-way between a green and a black tea, oolong is the perfect choice to explore the breadth of flavours and fragrances that tea can offer. Thanks to an extremely careful handling, the hand-rolled leaves remain impossibly long and gently uncurl in your teapot. Deep gold in colour and smooth to the palate, this oolong tea offer many benefits:

  • Weakly oxidised: all the benefits of green tea without any of the bitterness
  • A fragrance that reminds of moss: this is a tea that takes you along for a little forest walk!
You will like it if: you are new to tea, or if you are an afficionado of long leaves.

    How to brew

    • Take a small teaspoon of tea leaves and put in a strainer
    • This tea will take room as its long leaves uncurl, so preferably use a large strainer or an open one
    • Add freshly-boiled water and watch...
    • Remove the strainer when you like the shade of gold - it takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes


    Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. If possible, it is also best to store separately from coffee and spices to avoid their strong aroma to leach into your tea.

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