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Himalayan Rose Tea

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Close your eyes and let this black tea transport you into a rose garden... or into the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh! The Himalayan rose is a wild rose and a common sight in the region. Its fragrant flowers give way to a red fruit, also used in the preparation of herbal teas (and cosmetics): the rosehip.

  • One of the strongest teas of this Himalayan Summer Collection, its flavour remains sweet and refreshing
  • A perfect afternoon tea to finally catch up with your best friend
You will like it if: you have a sweet tooth but want to hold the sugar at bay!

    How to brew

    • Take a small teaspoon of tea leaves and put in a strainer
    • Add freshly-boiled water and wait for approximately 3 minutes, until the tea takes a dark gold colour
    • This tea can be steeped a second time (steep slightly longer than the first time) and doesn't become bitter


    Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. If possible, it is also best to store separately from coffee and spices to avoid their strong aroma to leach into your tea.

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