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Himalayan White Peony Tea

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Peony flowers used to flavour the food in ancient China, and the name remained to qualify this light but floral white tea. Prepared with only the bud and the youngest leaf of the tree, it is lightly and very gently processed to avoid breaking the leaves.

  • Very weakly oxidised, this precious hand-processed tea can be brewed many times
  • A light colour and taste, perfect if you look for something different from some forceful black teas

You will like it if: you prefer a light flavour with a subtle hint of flower.

    How to brew

    • Take a small teaspoon of tea leaves per person
    • Add hot but not boiled water: the best is to wait approximately one minute after the water has boiled
    • The colour will remain very light, it's normal!
    • Steep to taste, for around 3 minutes... and then steep again. And again.


    Keep away from sunlight, heat and moisture. If possible, it is also best to store separately from coffee and spices to avoid their strong aroma to leach into your tea.

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