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About Your Teas

Are there any allergens in the teas?

No. By law, allergens must be clearly listed among the ingredients, so you can see that our teas do not contain any. Our goal is to bring you fine and sustainable teas that have only been processed naturally.

Is any tea sweetened?

The teas themselves, no. Our Shatavari Rasayana Herbal Blend, which does not contain tea, is sweetened with a little amount of shakkar, a type of sugar that is part of the ayurvedic recipe for this tea.

Are the teas flavoured?
Most of our our teas are not flavoured (except the Himalayan Rose Tea, which contain Himalayan wild rose petals). They taste so different from one another because of where they grown, and how they were plucked and processed. They do not contain artificial flavouring.

Do you blend your teas?
No we do not. The blending is done in India, by the experts themselves. They know their teas and which additional flavour, be it a flower, a herb or a spice, will work best with each of them. This also helps keeping he blend a local product and doesn't add to its carbon footprint.

How much tea should I use?
About 2 to 3 g: that is roughly a heaped tea spoon. Teas that naturally take more volume, like the Oolong Tea or the White Tea, may need 2 such tea spoons to reach the weight. But don't forget that you can brew your tea more than once!

Can I brew loose tea more than once?
Yes you can, and in fact you should! Fine loose teas can take several brews, and you will find that their taste evolve from brew to brew. However, make sure that you do not use boiling water.

At what temperature should I brew my tea?
Below 100°C! Our boutique loose leaf teas should be brewed between 60°C (for white teas) and 85-90°C (for black teas). You will find a leaflet with brewing instructions and the typical temperatures enclosed with your order.

How do I store my teas?
The best is to keep your teas in a dark, hermetic container. Tea can very easily absorb the scents around it, so do keep them away from coffee, spices and anything fragrant. A dark tin is preferable to avoid the UV of the sunlight to degrade the leaves.

How long can I keep my teas?
Being a dry product, tea doesn't go off. If it is well stored in a dark and hermetic container it can keep for months and months. In fact, you are more likely to run out of tea before your teas loses its appeal!

Do you offer decaffeinated tea?
No, we do not. The decaffeination process often involves additional chemicals, that in any case do not rid the tea of all its caffeine. We prefer to bring a natural product that was only processed for the purpose of creating an excellent tea. The caffeine content of tea is not as high as that of coffee and varies from tea to tea. For a low caffeine content, favour an oolong tea, or a naturally caffeine-free herbal blend.

Our Philosophy

Are your teas vegan?
Yes, they are all vegan and 100% plant-based!

Are your teas organic?
Our teas are not all certified organic, because the certification process is expensive to the producer and the seller and is discriminatory towards small producers. However, fine teas like ours are always naturally organic, because it is the best way to ensure the high quality that we are after as well as the longevity of the plantation. You can read more about our position here.

Are your teas Fair Trade?
No, because the Fair Trade system is not relevant to fine specialty teas. Fair Trade is an argument of fairness for commodity products, which are the opposite of our single origin, boutique loose leaf teas. You can read more about our position on Fair Trade here and here.

How sustainable is your packaging?
Very! We are entirely plastic-free, and all our paper and cardboard come from recycled sources and is of curse recyclable itself. That even includes our water-based tape. Unlike many other brands we do not use beautiful tea pouches because they are usually lined up with a LDPE film, which is very difficult to peel off and therefore are not easily recyclable. Those that claim their pouches are compostable usually mean that they are industrially compostable, which means you would have to go to your local recycling centre to compost them adequately.

What do you mean with "socially sustainable"?
What we mean is that being "green" is not enough! As a business, we almost have to ensure that everyone who has a part in bringing you these wonderful teas works in decent conditions and is paid a true living wage. Unfortunately, the tea industry in some countries has a very bad record of poverty wages, gender inequalities and harassment, and appalling working conditions. We stand strongly against any form of exploitation: a product can only be sustainable if neither the natural environment nor the social fabric is harmed in producing it. This is social sustainability.

Your Orders

How long will it take to receive my order?
We will complete your order within 3 working days. Shipping is made with Royal Mail and usually takes a couple of days.

Where do you deliver?
For the moment we only deliver in the UK. We are working hard behind the scenes to extend the reach of our beautiful leaves! Please check our Shipping policy.

Can I cancel my order?
As long as we haven't posted your order, yes, you can cancel it: simply get in touch with us at orders@darvazateas.com. If we have already posted your order, then you still have the option to return it.

Can I return my order?
By law you can return your order within 14 days. Note that we will only issue a refund when we have checked that your order arrived still packed. Please consult our Return policy for more details, and get in touch at orders@darvazateas.com.

There's a problem with my order, what should I do?
We are very sorry to hear that! Please get in touch with us as soon as possible at orders@darvazateas.com and we will do our best to solve it.

About Us

By the way, who are you?
We are Gwenn and Sandeep, two improbable, lifelong friends from France and India! Darvaza Teas operates from Brighton, in the UK, where Gwenn currently lives. Get to know us, and follow Darvaza Teas on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you work with the press and social media?
We love a good chat, so yes, do get in touch via the form or send us an email at hello@daravazateas.com!