Exclusive Christmas Gift Set
Exclusive Christmas Gift Set

Exclusive Christmas Gift Set

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Discover our limited Christmas Gift Set

We are very happy and honoured to collaborate with our friend from Sunset Candles to make a loved one's Christmas truly unique.

For Christmas, we wanted to bring you the memories of travelling to India: the flavours, the scents, the colours... All that in a plastic-free, sustainable way.

You can discover all about our teas and about us here. Sunset Candles is another woman-owned small business based in Worthing, in the South of the UK. Their 225g candles are all handmade and based on coconut and rapeseed wax and a lot of love. The crackling wooden wick is that little extra that gives you a homey and comfy atmosphere, while the 50h burn time ensures that you will enjoy your candle over many cuppas...

In this elegant, tree-ready Christmas box, you will find:

  • one tin of the Kangra tea of your choice
  • one long-life, handmade candle of your choice
  • a stainless steel strainer
  • a colourful, light yet warm silk scarf sustainably handmade in India
  • samples of teas and wax melts

Loose leaf teas by Darvaza Teas:

  • Himalayan Lapsang Souchong, a black tea gently but surely smoked over a pinewood fire
  • Himalayan Rose Tea, a floral blend created with Kangra black tea and Himalayan wild rose petals
  • Himalayan Hand-Rolled Oolong Tea, a smooth and sweet semi-oxidised beauty of a tea with impossibly long leaves
  • Himalayan White Peony Tea, a delicate and floral tea prepared only with the bud and the youngest leaf of the tree
  • Himalayan Shatavari Herbal Blend, a refreshing herbal tea with notes of fennel and cardamom

Candles by Sunset Candles:

  • Cinnamon Orange, with warm notes of cinnamon, orange, clove, nutmeg and patchouli
  • Raspberry Clove, with caramel raspberry and orange base, sprinkled with clove and pine
  • Peony Rose, with rich rose and peony flower notes mixed with smoky oud
  • Incense Cedarwood, with notes of burning incense alongside creamy sandalwood and pink peppercorn
  • Mandarin Sandalwood, with notes of mandarin and amber mixed with creamy sandalwood

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